Commercial Property Management

Our commercial portfolio is comprised of office, retail and industrial properties and our service area not only covers from Vancouver to Abbotsford but also goes as far as Suburban or Calgary. Commercial management is a complex area requiring experience and skill to handle building issues and tenant's concerns. This is what our Noble team could help our clients!


Our Commercial Services

  • Review and ensure tenant's compliance to the Terms & Conditions on the lease
  • Lease negotiation and administration
  • Engage routine service providers and negotiate favorable agreements
  • Arrange repair and maintenance services as required
  • Collect rent and other collectible fee as per the lease agreement
  • Enforce and execute the terms in the lease 
  • Issue payments for expenses such as property tax, insurance, utilities, and other routine property maintenance services
  • Prepare annual budgets and capital expenditure for our client
  • Based on the approved budget, will adjust the share cost for the tenant as per the lease
  • Calculate Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and Property Tax adjustment annually as per the actual expenditure based on the lease terms
  • Prepare and arrange Goods and Services Tax filing, if required
  • Prepare not only the monthly statement but also annual financial statement as per the client's fiscal year end
  • Communicate and cooperate with owner's accountant
  • and more...

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