Other than major decisions that may require owner’s special instructions, we will assume all matters relating to property management to achieve efficiency. All owner information are kept confidential and we will be the tenant’s only contact. 

As a licensed property management firm, we have insurance and security bonds to build confidence in our clients. Our experienced managers strive for excellence and reference given by our existing clients. 

This fee is collected only when there is a change of tenancy.

The fee includes:

  • Free advertisement online
  • Arrange and conduct showings
  • Process application forms
  • Verify employment & conduct credit check with letter of employment or T4
  • Sign tenancy agreement
  • Conduct move-in inspection and hand over keys.

Our monthly fee is __% of your rental income. In general, we represent the owner in dealing with tenants and government agencies.

The fee includes:

  • Collect rent
  • Inspection of property and arrange repairs
  • Answer tenant’s complaints and concerns
  • Receive strata notices and minutes
  • Arrange necessary payments
  • If there is any problem, tenant contacts us.

Yes. We will systematically inspect properties on a regular basis to ensure maximum return on your investments. 

No. Owners only pay what is billed on contractor’s invoices. In order to ensure owners are paying for a fair market rate, we do not collect benefits from contractors.

Owners can view monthly statements, invoices, management and rental agreements online. We are constantly improving our online features for a better user experience. 

By law, all rental income must first be deposited into a trust account and is subject to auditing every year. There is usually a 15 days period after we receive the funds and deposit into the owner’s account.

An annual financial statement will be issued to owners for tax purposes. We can process your related bills, e.g., property tax, strata fee or insurance from the owner’s account and provide a complete financial statement.

There are difference tax regulations regarding rental income for non-residents of Canada. For more information, please contact our office.

- By mail

To pay by mail, send your cheque to our payment address below. Please ensure your Rental Address is included on the cheque.

Please do not mail cash.

Noble & Associates Property Management
Unit 155 – 13988 Maycrest Way
Richmond, B.C. V6V 3C3

- At office

You can pay your rent by cash, cheque or money order at our office during office hours

- Pre-authorized payments

Have your rent paid automatically from your bank account. You'll need the bank account details found on your cheques.