BC Government's New Rules: Cracking Down on Short-Term Rentals to Tackle Housing Challenges



The British Columbia government is taking action to address housing challenges posed by short-term rentals. Key points:

- Stricter Enforcement: Regulations will crack down on non-compliant short-term rentals. 

- Principal Residence Requirement: Rentals limited to property owner's principal residence. 

- Fines: Violations face $3,000 fines per day. 

- Compliance and Enforcement: A provincial registry will ensure rule adherence. 

- Data Sharing: Platforms like Airbnb must share data with the government. 

Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon emphasized the need to return homes to the long-term market, given the surge in short-term rentals. However, Airbnb opposes these changes, stating they will reduce tourism spending. 

These measures will be phased in, with immediate fine increases and the principal residence requirement effective on May 1.