Navigating Rent Increases: Vancouver Family Faces Uphill Battle Over Newborn's Impact on Rent


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A Vancouver family may be forced to move after receiving notice from their landlord that their additional occupant was going to raise the rent by 20%. The additional occupant is their newborn child, and the rent has now increased from $1,895 a month to $2,274. The family is struggling to navigate the legality of the increase and how to file disputes. Walsh and her husband had a baby out of love and wanted to have a family. Their rental agreement stated that an additional occupant would mean a rent increase, but it wasn't until the year lease ended that the 20% increase was mentioned.

The couple has decided to dispute it and will meet with the Residential Tenancy Branch on June 3. Minister of Housing Ravi Kahlon said the government is looking at changes to address this challenge, but it takes time to fix. 

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