Tips Before You Begin Your Rental Search

Whether you’re a seasoned renter or just starting out, there are some tips and tricks to know when it comes to renting a place on your own.

Renting can have some tremendous responsibilities so the more informed you are, the better since some of these tips can be real money and time savers.

Let’s dive in!

Using the Right Tools

Depending on your area of residence your go-to tools for finding places to rent may vary, but these 3 tools can help you find a place quickly. 

The tried and true Craigslist is a great go-to place to quickly find a decent place to rent.  Their interface is clean and the easy to use search bar lets you bring up results quickly.  Don’t want to live in Vancouver?  No problem, just change your city in the top left drop down.


Another website that is tailored for renters is Rent Faster. With their easy to use drop downs and filters, you can get results in seconds.

Since you’re already browsing in the neighbourhood why not stop by our rental listings?  Noble Homes is not only the leading property management company in Richmond, BC, but we have a wide variety of rental listings, whether you’re looking for a condo size or a full home, we have you covered!

Keep in mind that most owners only post on a short list of websites.  For example, some owners only post with Craigslist.  They don’t often post on multiple websites, so it is usually a good idea to compare across different search tools to find the best deal that fits your needs.

Know When to Move

Think about the times you’d prefer to move.  Spring and Summer time right?  Most home owners know this and will provide their rental suites during this time.  However, this also means there will be more competition so keep that in mind during those seasons.

Conversely, in the Fall and Winter, there are probably less renters out there which could mean the prices are a bit more negotiable.

Depending on your objective, picking the right season can change your outcome.

Know When to Negotiate

Put yourself in the home owner’s shoes.  Ask yourself if receiving less rent per month is worth the peace of mind of knowing their home would be taken care of.  Often the answer is yes!

Often landlords or owners will be willing to reduce the rent if you, as a renter, can prove you’re going to take care of their property.  Perhaps you could offer to maintain their lawn or any other service you can provide to reduce the rent.  Creativity is the key here.

Yes You Want Insurance

While you certainly aren’t required to have renter’s insurance it is a small price to pay when you think of the alternatives.

A common accident that happens in rental suites is water damage.  The cost of fixing water damaged suites easily starts at $10,000, especially if it damages adjacent suites and you’re at fault.  Make sure you understand whose insurance will cover which type of accident as you look for a place to rent.

We hope these tips help you better prepare for renting your new home.  If there is anything we haven’t covered here, we are always a phone call away.